Contact: info@singsongmusic.co.uk
Phone 07866837781

Based in Liverpool, Singsong Music provides exciting and inspiring singing and music-making sessions for young children.

In a Singsong Music session children can experience:

  • joining in fun, interactive singing games to develop confidence, motor skills and coordination;
  • learning to play simple instruments as part of a group activity, developing listening, playing and coordination skills;
  • listening to and interacting with a wide-range of orchestral and folk instruments including guitar, clarinet, accordion, saxophone, harp and many others;
  • songs accompanied by live musical instruments performed by the session leader, which provides a far richer quality of experience than using pre-recorded tracks;
  • pure enjoyment of being involved in music-making, with far-reaching positive impacts on children’s confidence, communication, motor skills and coordination.

At Singsong Music we believe that children have an innate love and appreciation of music; our sessions deliver a range of exciting activities designed to stimulate and enhance this interest from an early age.

Singsong works with parents/carers and their children, nurseries, schools and other organisations.

We also provide activities for festivals, parties, parent/toddler groups, play-schemes and other events.

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