About SingSong Music

Mark Jones is the director of SingSong Music, as well as the main session leader. A professional music performer and PGCE trained Secondary Music Teacher, Mark has worked for many years in mainstream and SEN schools including Nursery, Primary, Secondary and Further Education settings. He has developed a wide-ranging approach to providing exciting, stimulating music education to children and young people, through undertaking training in many highly regarded methodologies including Dalcroze, Kodaly, Suzuki, Voices Foundation, Musical Futures and many others. SingSong Music sessions are built around Mark’s expertise in these methods, involving children developing singing and instrumental skills, creative composition and improvisation, listening and coordination skills, performance and conducting.

Becky Barnett is the co-director of SingSong Music, and assistant session leader. Becky is an accomplished visual artist and teacher working in numerous Primary schools around Liverpool. She is also an experienced teacher of Piano and keyboard skills to children and adults.

SingSong Music also employs specialist freelance musicians and teachers to provide extra musical experiences and skills to the children. All SingSong Music staff and employees have full DBS clearance checks.

SingSong Music Aims:

SingSong aims to provide a top quality music-making experience for young children. We believe that all children have innate musical skills that can be discovered and developed through participation in enjoyable, stimulating activities. SingSong sessions encourage children to explore controlling the sounds of their voices and using instruments creatively, focussing on moving rhythmically to enhance their fine motor skills and aural appreciation. Children are taught a range of songs and singing and playing activities that they can continue to have fun with at home; parents are encouraged to prompt this and join in wherever possible.

SingSong sessions never use pre-recorded backing tracks within sessions; instead, songs and singing activities are accompanied by live instrumentation played by a professional performer, aiming to inspire children through encountering real musicianship at first hand.

Children can benefit from Singsong sessions in a variety of ways including:

  • Developing vocabulary, numeracy, memory, listening, musical skills.
  • Promoting positive social development and providing opportunities for emotional and creative expression.
  • Building group cohesion.
  • A chance to experience a wide range of real instruments, close up and sing along with live professional musical accompaniment.
  • Themed sessions can be fun and/or reinforce foundation or keystage 1 learning objectives.
  • Learning in a fun, informal and creative way.

Adults who attend Singsong Sessions will also benefit from taking part in quality music making activities including group singing with accompaniment.

SingSong Music Standards

Singsong Music sessions are grounded in strong educational principals.
We incorporate guidelines from Foundation Stage and KeyStage 1 Music National Curriculum, ensuring SingSong Music sessions meet UK Government quality standards, as well as using aspects of other highly acclaimed Music teaching systems such as Kodaly, Dalcroze, Suzuki and Musical Futures.

Who We Work With

Singsong Music works with parents/carers and their children, nurseries, schools and other organisations. We also provide activities for festivals, parties, parent/toddler groups, playschemes and other events.

Parent & Child Group Sessions
Sessions for parent & child groups provide an opportunity for parents and carers to engage creatively with their children, gain confidence in singing, and learn songs to sing with their children. They also provide opportunities for parents and carers to meet each other and form support networks. All children must be accompanied by one adult. These sessions can be held privately, in parent/toddler groups, playschemes, parties, festivals and events

School & Nursery Sessions
Singsong also works with schools and nurseries, where sessions can incorporate foundation stage and Key-Stage 1 learning objectives, and a range of other music teaching systems. School sessions can be arranged for nursery, reception and year 1 & 2, and can be themed to fit in with curriculum topics.
Contact us to find out how to book a taster session or a series of sessions for your school or nursery.

Training Sessions
SingSong Music offers training sessions for groups of teachers, nursery staff and parents, to learn how to run dynamic group music and singing activities. Email or phone us for more information.

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